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Kamena MASH Ltd.

The company realizes:

  • Production of spare parts and consummative materials for geological-prospecting work: cone joints, adapters, nipples, hardmetal core bits, single- and double-wall core barrels, casing pipes, hinged spanners (power tongs), core lifters, swivel heads, elevators, screws, rod bores, drilling string stem;

  • Production of equipment and spare parts for ore-mining, coal production and the food, wine and tobacco industry, dump-cars, ventilation pipes, band conveyors, temping devises, roller porters and rollers for GTL, pasting machines, different kind of mixing spoons;

  • Repair of: loading machines PPN-1S and TRP-25K; pneumatic engines for loading machines; mine electric carriers 4.5 ARP-2M; drill-holle equpment SKB-4, URB-3AM, 1BA-15B; piston water pumps Ц 11GrB, 120/40, NB-32; asynchronous and direct current motors for electric carrier 4.5 ARP.

  • Production of spare parts for loading machines, drill-hole equipment, piston water pumps and spline shafts as well as cylindrical gears to module 12
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