Kamena MASH

The company’s score of activities includes:Radical and portial repairing services, modernization and automatization of metal-cutting machines, machining centers, type: МС 032, РВ 501.24, automatic lathes with CNC control, type: СТ 161, СП 586, СП 161, СЕ 063 etc.

Programming, trading and working out machines with CNC control.

Maintenance and mounting of metal-working machines and equipment.

Automatization of lathes for production of small sized builds.
Kamena Ltd has highly qualified specialists who modernize machinery using the latest technologies and at the same time consult our customers and remove rapidly all the breakdowns.As a result our customers get:

– increased production
– easy and comfortable interface for the
– higher quality
– faster machine series
– more precision
– higher reliability and self diagnostics
– more memory
– network functions and CAD application